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The beautiful city of Taipei has gradually grown into its stride over the course of its 300 year lifespan. It is now become a bustling hub full of Asian culture. With architecture and cuisine influenced by China, Japan and Western culture, Taipei presents huge variety of exciting experiences and is host to a number of popular attractions.

The Raohe Street Night Market is a single street packed with stalls selling all manner of local goods, from delicious food to beautiful trinkets and souvenirs. This makes for an exciting evening of dining in lively atmosphere that is steeped in culture.

When scanning the Taipei skyline, there is one building that is simply unmissable. This would be Taipei 101, a staggeringly huge building which is shaped like a bamboo stalk. There is an observation deck on the 89th floor, from which you get a stunning view of the whole of Taipei and beyond. It is now easily accessible by the MRT (train system), so this is certainly a must see, whether you wish to enjoy the view, or go shopping in the mall that encompasses the first five floors of this landmark.

If you have had your fill of sightseeing and exploring one of Taipei’s many stunning temples, you can relax and unwind in the Beitou Hot-Spring bath. One of the best hot-springs in Taiwan, this water is a perfect way to soothe yourself, and is said to help relieve any ailments that you may have.

Taipei is often hailed as one of the most popular gay friendly destinations in Asia, attracting LGBT tourists from all over the globe. The gay scene is animated and lively, with many locations such as gay beaches and hot springs. Taipei is famous for the grand circuit parties that take place throughout the year, attracting huge numbers of visitors. The main location of the gay scene is around the Red House district, which hosts almost thirty gay venues of all descriptions. However there are gay venues scattered all across the city.

With such a lively gay scene, and attractions for all tastes, it is no wonder that Taipei has become such a hotspot for LGBT tourists.



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